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Cannabis Compound Hardens Bone and Helps Osteoporosis

Cannabis Sativa may be purchased at a marijuana dispensary in those states which have legalized it’s use.  This miracle plant is capable of far more than just offering user a higher state of consciousness. Next time you suffer a bone fracture (unfortunate), do not be surprised when the procedural prescription involves a Cannabis Compound; courtesy of medicinal, scientific breakthroughs.

Maintaining bone strength

Let us immerse deeper into science to understand this. The research by Scientists from the University of Aberdeen, Institute of Medical Sciences reveal that cannabidiol, a compound that is non-psychoactive found in cannabis is helpful in maintaining bone strength. There are groups of cell receptors called endocannabinoid system. Endogenous lipids groups activate these receptors, the same function that the Cannabidiol compound from cannabis plays. Your body carries out numerous physiological processes such as mood, appetite control and memory, and the cannabinoid receptors are responsible for these activities. The research shows that apart from these activities, the endocannabidiol system plays the key role in the metabolism of bone, based on the finding that the osteoclasts contain receptors that facilitate bone thin out or resorb.  Here is how that works.

Significance of Cannabis over other medical processes

A team of scientists led by Gabet argues that the effect of marijuana on your body involves triggering receptors in response to the endocannabinoids compounds. These compounds appear in a form that looks like cannabis, and the body can naturally synthesize them. The pot in the brain makes the mind to have alter effects, and it is this understanding that makes researchers think that the compound compounds through medical application go beyond relieving pain. Given that the use of pot and broken bone is familiar, doctors argue that patients who suffer from bone fractures when they consume cannabis it can cause serious adverse effects. However, unlike other medical practices, when you suffer a bone fracture, the advantage of cannabis is that it stimulates the formation of bone.

Treatment of Osteoporosis

Revelation by Dr. Deborah Kado, a specialist in bones at the UC San Diego School of Medicine indicates that the cannabinoid cannabidiol compound can treat osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens or makes brittle one’s bones. This condition comes with age. When you advance in age, do not be weary of the condition because the cannabis hardens the bone.

Summarily, this condition according to statistics causes 2 million bone fractures in America every year, while 54 million of them are affected. However, with the cannabinoid cannabidiol compound in the offing, we are well covered.